Monday, October 25, 2010

While Jack Conway was at Duke

All that talk about Rand Paul's Aqua Buddha escapade has finally turned attention on whether Jack Conway ever did anything wild or crazy at Duke. He did not.

Daily Caller reports that Conway's fraternity, SAE, was for pretty boys with family money and Polo shirts. Again, this is what we have come to expect from Jack Conway.

The only tid-bit: SAE's 1988 pledge class included Jack Conway -- and a bogus French Baron.The dude claimed to be a Rothschild, as in the premier cru wine Rothschilds. In fact, he wasn't even French, or college-aged: he was a 37-year old from Houston, named Maruo Cortez.

Conway in particular was close to Cortez, classmates said. One went as far as to say Conway “kissed up” to the Baron because of his nobility.

In that sense, Conway was the opposite of Paul in college. The NoZe Brotherhood were outsiders, mocking their own campus culture with bizarre, incomprehensible antics. The SAEs were the ultimate insiders — southern, wealthy, almost entirely white. They had the best location on campus and looked down on others as “not SAE material."

Jack Conway and his SAE brother failed to use their vaunted Duke intellects. No one wondered why the supposed French Baron knew so little French that he had to take French 101.

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