Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fischer Hypocrisy

Joe Arnold points out the hypocrisy of Greg Fischer's new ad -- criticizing the JCPS school assignment plan -- after Fischer complained when Hal Heiner ran an ad that, you guessed it, criticized the JCPS school assignment plan.

After Heiner took the courageous step of calling out the failure of JCPS's assignment plan, Fischer responded . "This is a job for the school board," Fischer said, "The mayor doesn't control the system, so by politicizing our kids six weeks before a political race I think it shows poor leadership."

Well, apparently Fischer's internal polls showed him that voters were gravitating to Heiner's message on schools, so Fischer did more than just flip-flop: he copied the Heiner ad.

Fischer seems like a nice guy, but his lack of originality is truly shocking. It's one thing to triangulate your opponent's ideas after getting elected, but Fischer is just swiping Hal Heiner's good ideas right smack in the middle of the elections. He did the same thing with Heiner's transparency initiative, a project that Heiner led for years on Metro City Council.

And all this talk about Fischer the businessman makes me laugh. Anyone with half a brain and a trust fund can make a few million eventually. Hal Heiner, in contrast, is a self-made man.

If Fischer wins, he will serve for one term. He will get bored and frustrated by the complexity of the job, and voters will see that he is just not up to it.

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