Thursday, October 7, 2010

SEIU Endorses Yarmuth

The Kentucky chapter of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has endorsed John Yarmuth, according to that organization's website. (The SEIU also has endorsed John Waltz for Kentucky's 4th Congressional District.)

Yarmuth's campaign website does not note the endorsement. It's almost like Yarmuth doesn't want non-SEIU voters to know that the group backs him.

It's no surprise that the nation's fastest growing labor unions would endorse a "progressive" like Yarmuth, particularly given that Yarmuth was an early backer of one of the SEIU's pet issues, Obamacare.

The timing, however, is a bit problematic for Yarmuth; the FBI and the Labor Department are investigating SEIU leader Andy Stern in connection with a corruption probe. Stern "abruptly resigned" from the 2.2. million member union in April, according to the Daily Caller -- two years before his term was up. Stern serves on President Barack Obama's deficit commission and is a frequent guest at the White House.

The SEIU is spending an estimated $44 million to elect Democrats this November. Wonder if any of that $44 million is flowing to Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District, to help Yarmuth?

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