Friday, October 1, 2010

Rasmusson: Rand Paul Still Leads

The latest Rasumusson poll shows Rand Paul still leading over Jack Conway, 49- 38. Rasmusson, which tends to lean right, therefore places Kentucky in the "solid Republican" column. Rasmusson does show that the race has tightened from three weeks ago (54-39).

I tend to think the race is somewhere in between the latest SUSA poll -- showing a dead heat -- and Rasmusson's 11 point lead for Paul. I know of no Republicans or independents who have switched from Paul to Conway, just plenty who are wishing they could have a do-over for the primary.

H/t: Daily Caller

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RefudiateObama2012 said...

When are you going to quit whining and read the writing on the wall? McConnell has about a year to change his ways or he's going to be out.

I think you need to change the name of this site to Rinos In The Bluegrass. It's more accurate.