Sunday, October 10, 2010

Obama and Yarmuth: Two Old Duffers

President Barack Obama tried to take his mind off the new unemployment numbers by hitting the links yesterday. It was Obama's 52d golf outing since he became president, and yet he has not played one of the greatest courses in America: Valhalla.

John Yarmuth, who is not only a member but a club champion, could invite Obama to play at Valhalla. Rand Paul has promised to pick up the cost of a ticket for Obama to come to Kentucky.

Obama's PGA handicap is said to be around a 16. Yarmuth's 0.5 handicap makes him the best golfer in Congress. He could give Obama some much-needed pointers.

Yarmuth has helped other celebrities with their swing. In 2007, he appeared on Comedy Central to give Stephen Colbert a lesson. The golf ball used for the Comedy Central lesson had Nancy Pelosi's face on it (which was very disturbing even for those of us who don't like Pelosi).

Notwithstanding that Yarmuth coached Colbert to better whack at her head on a golf ball, Nancy Pelosi tapped Yarmuth to be her "messenger" on Democratic talking points. Pelosi managed to overlook the golfing effigy: Yarmuth votes with her 99 percent of the time.

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