Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baggage of Epic Proportions

It's not so unusual for a second term incumbent like Republican Congressman Geoff Davis to face a primary challenge. But what's really extraordinary is that Davis's opponent would run notwithstanding his legal problems. Davis's opponent, G.E. Puckett, has been indicted for allegedly stealing from a charity called "Kentucky Charities United Inc., to Feed God's Children."

The Flemingsburg Gazette reported:

Puckett and two others were indicted by a Fleming County Grand Jury Jan. 4 for allegedly diverting charitable gambling funds.The paper reported that Puckett was charged for failing to deposit funds from the charity in the fall of 2006. He allegedly failed to deposit proceeds from bingo and pull-tabs and kept $1,065 for his own use, . . .

And yet Puckett persists in his campaign. Wow. Maybe Puckett should have taken the $ 500 candidate filing fee and donated it to the charity to Feed God's Children.

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