Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Go Obama!

I do not think that there has ever been a time when so many Republicans have been rooting for a Democrat. They are rooting for Obama not because they want him to be President (yikes!), but because they want him to beat Hillary. Hillary's politics may be more palatable than Obama's for many Republicans, but her personality is so repugnant that it transcends philosophical considerations. She is the most arrogant, mean spirited, power hungry, egocentric, patronizing, condescending politician that has come on the scene in sometime. Obama, on the other hand, for all his kooky and ill formed political ideas, seems like a genuine, affable, warm and approachable human being. I hope and pray that we elect a Republican as our next President, but if it has to be a Democrat, many of us will take a human over a Hillary!


Bridget M. Bush said...

I agree that Hillary's humanity has not been established. But I think Obama may share her arrogance -- he just hides it better. Note that when asked during the last debate what one thing they would change about their campaign, both Hillary and Obama said they wouldn't change a thing. It must be a burden, that perfection.


Pete said...

I have been fascinated at her blatant attempt to hide her ultra liberal ideology in her attempt to appear more 'central'. Now she labels Obama has a left winger..what a laugh. Her one goal, as always was to be prsident to effect change (that should scare you). For a glimpse of the 'real Hillary' check out this link (an assembled list of actual quotes from books, etc.)...scary!

Pete said...

sorry forgot the link..