Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rambo and the Comeback Congress

Check out the Washington Times' piece on how all the Democrats' predictions of doom -- on the economy and Iraq, in particular -- came to naught.

As David Lambro writes, "rarely has a minority party shown so much unity or beaten an incoming majority so soundly, or a lame-duck president shown more resilience on so many big showdown battles."

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell deserves considerable credit for the GOP's strategy and unity, and for keeping the party focused despite a slew of ugly TV ads.

It was a remarkable record of achievement by a president who was all but written off by the pundits as an irrelevant chief executive in the twilight of his last term. But Mr. Bush reinvented himself as a veto-happy gunslinger who was not going to be pushed around by Congress — mounting a nonstop counteroffensive that kept the Democrats in retreat.

Based on their inability to govern, and relentless attempts to increase taxes and nationalize health care, Democrats' prospects for '08 look increasingly bleak.

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