Saturday, January 12, 2008

Put Your Knickers in a Double Windsor Knot

I saw this on Instapundit and could not stop laughing. Check out this picture, and this.

I have several thoughts. First, this would never have passed muster in the Preppy Handbook -- no amount of madras can salvage this fashion crime. Second, I think it all began with the "man hug." Finally, I'm pretty sure that in Kentucky, if a man wears knickers, it is immediate grounds for divorce. Don't tell me you're "secure in your masculinity." If you wear knickers, your security is misplaced.

One more thought. Is Brooks Brothers outsourcing to the Chinese? It would fit the paradigm. They sold us poison pet food. They sold us lead-painted toys. And now they want our men to look like Little Lord Fauntleroy?


Bill Brundage, Jr. said...

"security is misplace"? Maybe your manhood is misplaced!

Zoolander said...

While I know that this post is 2 years old, I had to write to say that in 2010 knickers are getting to be ALL the rage amongst the fashion insiders and especially those in the Chicago, Detroit, & New York Bicycle scene. People arrive on green transportation to major theater events on bicycles in knickers to keep their pants from lookng crazy rolled-up and still look business casual. VERU retro in it's approach and it appeals to the European sensibility that os sweeping the bike traveling crowds in major metro areas.