Thursday, January 17, 2008

Horne Taps Far-Left Fringe for Help

The press coverage of Greg Fischer's entry into the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate revealed more about his rival candidate, Andrew Horne, than Fischer.

It is well known that Horne has strong ties to left-wing groups like VoteVets and Today's coverage revealed that Horne has cemented those ties by using, as his spokesman Aniello Alioto to comment on Fischer's candidacy.

Alioto served as Kentucky Field Director for Iraq Summer. That's the group that took the two-fold approach last summer: they stalked Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell with war protests and opposed the troop surge in Iraq. Iraq Summer was a project of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq , another group that opposed the troop surge and that is part of a coalition that includes and VoteVets.

The point of Iraq Summer -- which Horne's spokesman led -- was to put pressure on Congress and the president to end the surge before General David Petraeus reported the results of the surge to Congress in September.

That is, Iraq Summer, and the fringe elements with which it coordinated, tried to sabotage America's success in Iraq -- to tilt the results so that General Petraeus could not report good news to Congress and to the American people. Then, having failed to stop the surge, took out an ad in the New York Times to call General Petraeus "General Betray Us."

These groups have jumped from being mere supporters of Horne to seeing one of their activists serve on Horne's staff in a prominent position. That might earn Horne points among Democratic primary voters, but it will boomerang against him if he makes it to the general election.

Even the United Nations has recognized that the surge is working. By hiring Alioto to be his mouthpiece, Andrew Moveon.Horne has demonstrated that his views fall to the left of the United Nations. That places him well beyond the borders of Kentucky.

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