Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fischer's FEC Blunder

Page One recounts that Greg Fischer, the latest rich-guy who wants to take on Mitch McConnell, has already run afoul of federal campaign laws.

On Christmas Eve, Fischer sent out an email -- on his Dant Clayton corporate email account -- requesting resumes to serve as campaign finance staff. Here's the problem:

conducting campaign business via a corporate email account on corporate equipment is a violation of campaign finance law. That sort of activity? It’s considered a corporate contribution and doesn’t fly with the FEC.

Candidates for the finance positions, moreover, were directed to send their resumes to an employee of Fischer's corporation at its offices.

It brings back memories of Greg Stumbo failing to comply with federal election law when he flirted with running for McConnell's seat.

Here's Page One's clincher:

Not exactly a great way to get a campaign off the ground, is it? Being a wealthy, Republican-light self-funder trying his level best to alienate the core of the Democratic Party just doesn’t seem to be enough for Fischer.


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