Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Favorite Martian for Congress

Somebody needs to check the water in Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District for hallucinogens. First, a candidate who has been indicted for stealing money from a charity called "Feed God's Children," files to run against Republican Congressman Geoff Davis. (See post below). Now, Davis has another primary opponent, and this one claims to have seen extraterrestrials.

Pat Crowley reported that Davis has a second primary challenger, Warren Stone.

Stone claims that in 1979 a 40 foot flying saucer landed in his yard in Independence, Kentucky and space aliens emerged and took Stone for a ride. Stone reported his 90 minute "close encounter of the third kind" to UFO Evidence in 2006. Here's Stone's report:

I was asleep, then awakened by an electrical, scratchy buzzing sound in my ears. I sat upright in my bed, the sound got louder and louder, white flashes of light, too bright to imagine were flashing in my head, my eyes were closed. The sounds and light centralized within my brain,brighter, louder and then there was an explosion of light with a boom, and feeling as if a stick of dynamite exploded within my head. I was 28 years old, it was over, I looked down to see my wife asleep as if nothing happened. I had a severe headache immediately, but managed to fall asleep sometime later.

The next thing I knew I was in my front yard, I had just built a house in the center of 4 acres, several hundred feet from the road.The craft was round, shiny and bright. A hatch opened that formed a ramp down to the ground. The alien was a male human, long blond hair and very mild mannered, his name was Alan or Adam, I can't remember. There was a female with dark hair, but I didn't talk to her. He asked me if I would like to go for a ride, and I agreed. I could remember seeing my house from above, then all the houses in the area, then the blackness of space. Before I knew it we had returned. It felt strange to know how things looked from above because at that time I had never flown.

He explained the propulsion to me and showed me the two engines. They looked something like snails on their sides. they were about 8 feet in diameter and 3' tall. Each outward spiral was narrower then the preceding one. In the center was a generator, I believe that it was an ion generator. The flow of released energy spun outward and was compressed by the spirals where speed and pressure was increased. At the end of the spiral network the outlet manifold turned upward and rearward and connected to a propulsion plate. The plates were about 4' tall and 9' wide. These plates attracted the matter stream, collected energy, and in the center the polarity changed and created outward thrust. This is most of what I remember. I awakened and the entire propulsion system seemed as easy to comprehend as a slingshot would be to build.

In fairness to Stone, he is not the first politician to claim to have seen a UFO. Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO for about ten minutes, according to Shirley MacLaine. Kucinich learned the hard way that space aliens cannot vote. Now that Kucinich has bowed out of the Democratic presidential primary, perhaps he can serve as a campaign adviser to Stone.


Jake said...

How hilarious!

Oh man. This is pee-inducing humor!

Tom said...

I wouldn't normally tell people to go to a liberal site. But check this out.

There is a reason why no one has filed against these two....they aren't up for re-election. Just found this humorous. They act like they are political geniuses, but don't even check to see who is up for re-election.

WOSTONE_2008 said...

If you didn't intend to spin this article, you should have copied and pasted it completely so that readers can tell that this was a dream and not an alleged abduction.

Complete article is at: