Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wheaties Fail To Enhance Yarmuth's House Committee Performance

The votes are in on U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth's dumbest vote to date, as discussed below. But here's another trivia question: What is Yarmuth's dumbest question ever asked in a House committee hearing?

One possible winner came today, when the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, on which Yarmuth serves, held a hearing on illegal steroid use in Major League Baseball. (Query what illegal steroid use in Major League Baseball has to do with "Oversight and Government Reform", but we will let it slide because even Congressmen sometimes need a break from doing their real jobs.)

But if Yarmuth is going to talk baseball, at least he could say something intelligent about the game. Instead, he asked baseball commissioner Bud Selig and players' union president Don Fehr these penetrating questions:

YARMUTH: . . . So my question is do we really know enough to say that taking steroids or HGH improves a player's competitive position any more than chewing tobacco does, any more than chewing on sunflower seeds does, or anything else they might put in their body to relax them or to stimulate them?

I mean, I ate enough boxes of Wheaties as a kid. I know Wheaties don't do it. But do we have enough evidence to really make these type of determinations?

FEHR: I'm sorry, the question was directed to you.

SELIG: My answer to that would be yes. I think there is enough evidence that using performance-enhancing drugs gives a player an advantage.
. . . .

YARMUTH: Mr. Fehr, do you have the same conclusion?

FEHR: Yes. . . .

Well, duh! Yes, Congressman Yarmuth, steroids are performance-enhancing drugs, in case you didn't know that. And there you have it: John Yarmuth's major contribution to the Congressional record today.

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