Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Run, Anne, Run!

It's unfortunate that Erwin Roberts has been called up to active military duty and will therefore have to put his plans to run for Congress on hold. We wish him and his family all the best as they await final word of his deployment, and thank him for his willingness to serve -- both in Congress and in the military.

But what a blessing that we have such a talented leader as Anne Northup available to jump in the void. She brings substantial experience and name ID as well as an ability to bring together broad segments of our community. She is a formidable campaigner.

Anne's political instincts were correct when she predicted last year that Ernie Fletcher could not be reelected. It stung to see her prophecy vindicated, because it stuck us with a Governor Beshear.

In a turn of events that I could never have forecast, however, things have worked out for the best. Preliminary polling shows that Anne Northup -- without having done a lick of campaigning -- would start the race essentially tied with John Yarmuth.

Yarmuth, moreover, has lost the one issue that propelled him into office: the perception that America could not win the war in Iraq. In addition, Yarmuth now has a real record, as opposed to his psychedelic musings from the Leo. Indeed, he is part of Nancy Pelosi's advisory group to help with "messaging" her "progressive" agenda.

Notwithstanding that Democrats have the registration edge in this district, Yarmuth is way to the left of many Kentucky Democrats and probably most independents. He has aligned himself with the fringe of his party: he refused to condemn the advertisement in the New York Times that called General David Petraeus -- a national hero -- General Betrayus.

He sponsors earmarks for Kentucky and then votes against them. He votes to honor Ramadan and Diwali, but not Christmas. These are votes that Anne Northup would never have made.

John Yarmuth is an embarrassment to this district, and Anne Northup is just the candidate to send him packing. If you know Anne or her family, urge her to run. Then write her a check.

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