Saturday, May 17, 2008

American Worker Affirmative Action Committee

In the interest of our economy and the American Worker I am proposing the establishment of a new Political Action Committee.

I would propose to call this organization the "American Worker Affirmative Action Committee" (AWAAC)

I witnessed a unique situation where "possible illegal immigrants" were doing some construction work while two other people were independently discussing the woes of our economy. One lady actually mentioned that her son could not get enough work in today's economy. Uniquely he was in the construction industry. For fairness I really don't know if her son is an American Citizen. For the sake of this article I will let my stereotyping prevail.

It occurred to me that if we got an outspoken leader, that can yell, then possibly they could get some media attention to the plight of the American Worker. They could petition our Congressman and Senators asking for special favors for the American worker. These favors could encompass special requirements for hiring, giving preference to the American worker. Possibly they could develop quotas where businesses would be required to have "X" many American workers employed. The American Worker Affirmative Action Committee would be responsible for actively promoting and advancing the status of the American Worker. It could require federal contractors to ensure equal employment opportunities to the American Worker while promoting advancement opportunities for qualified American Workers

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