Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chris "I Am's" Important Info Arrives!

My mail lady delivered Chris Thieneman's "important information," and I have never seen such a manly piece of campaign literature.

It features a big head shot of Chris. He seems to be under attack by cicadas. But upon closer examination the little green things are pictures of mint, the logo from the Mint Jubilee, which he founded.

Here's his slogan: "A Tough Man for Tough Times." It took me a while to get it -- ThieneMAN for CongressMAN.

Even more peculiar is what Chris neglected to include. He never mentions that he's the guy who saved us from the ill-conceived library tax. This was a huge accomplishment, of which he should be justly proud. But there's not a word about it.

And he never states that he's running in the Republican primary; the R-word is missing. It's unclear whether Chris is keeping his party affiliation on the down-low or if he still hasn't decided. Chris, if you're unwilling to admit that you're a Republican , then you're not.

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