Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pennies From Lunsford's Heaven

Bruce Lunsford must be on Cloud Nine, having secured the Democratic nomination to challenge Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell this fall. In an interview with The Courier-Journal, Lunsford giddily referred to McConnell as "'Mean Mitch' because he deserves it." Then he chastised McConnell for "sit[ting] in the ivory tower in Washington." Perhaps Lunsford would rather be screening at Sundance?

I must confess that Lunsford's euphoria got the best of me when I read his quote regarding Vencor and its affiliate Ventas "'that all those companies survived.'" I couldn't wait to get to the computer and check my 401K to see miraculous overnight capital gains on my Vencor stock. So I logged on in eager anticipation.

The entry for my Vencor stock still reads the same: 275 shares; purchased for $1,195; estimated annual income: zero; current price per share: $ .01; total market value $2.20.

Talk about hope being dashed. But Lunsford is proud to run on the Senator Barack Obama and Governor Steve Beshear team: "I'd rather have hope and a new plan than the Bush-Cheney-McConnell plan. I think we could all three be in a coma and do better than they did."

From personal experience I can tell you this: Lunsford certainly knows how to bring about change.

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