Friday, May 30, 2008

Mystery Solved

Bruce Lunsford's press secretary, Allison Haley, this week dismissed internal polling numbers from the McConnell campaign that showed the Senate Republican Leader enjoys a comfortable job approval rating. Said Haley, "It's certainly mysterious that this poll shows McConnell's job approval so much higher than several independent polls in the past few weeks.”

Haley's "mystery" was solved today when a new independent poll showed confirmed the accuracy of McConnell's internal poll. (See post below.)

The difference in how the two campaigns reacted to the polling data -- it's a classic example of projection. Lunsford's staffers assume that McConnell would commission a bogus poll, to trot out at cocktail parties and cook-outs because that is what they expect from their boss, the perennial candidate. McConnell, unlike Lunsford, does not view public service as an escalator for social climbing. McConnell, unlike Lunsford, understands that a small state like Kentucky needs as much seniority in its Congressional delegation as possible in order to fight for our interests.

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