Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rasmussen's Curious U.S. Senate Poll

Page One catalogues the Demo-blogs that are positively giddy over a new Rasmussen poll showing Bruce Lunsford five points ahead of Mitch McConnell. But "[t[he oddest result from the poll," says Barefoot and Progressive, "is that people tend to have a favorable view of Mitch." Odd indeed for a poll purporting to show McConnell with only 44% of voter support to also report that he has a 52% approval rating.

Something obviously is amiss in Rasmussen's survey methodology. Most likely fault lies in the fact that the poll was conducted by automated computer. Indeed, in another survey taken by live people at the same time as the Rasmussen poll, McConnell is up by 11%. As TheHill.com reports, "[t]he Voter Consumer Research poll showed the incumbent leading 50-39." These numbers are consistent with the Lexington Herald-Leader's poll from before Lunsford's primary victory that "showed McConnell leading 48-36."

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