Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can't Believe He Said That

Bruce Lunsford made a comment to the Courier-Journal that made my skin crawl:

Lunsford countered by noting McConnell's support of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, the two top officials in an unpopular administration.

"I'd rather have hope and a new plan than the Bush-Cheney-McConnell plan. I think we could all three be in a coma and do better than they did," Lunsford said. (Emphasis added.)

The name of Lunsford's failed company, Vencor, derives from the ventilators used on its comatose patients. There's something very unsettling about a man who profits from the comatose condition of people and then jokes about comas. The creepiness of Lunsford's comment worsens in light of the $20 million that Vencor paid to the Justice Department to settle allegations that it did not adequately care for its patients.

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