Thursday, May 1, 2008

While I Was Gambling

Friends took me to Churchill Downs to celebrate my birthday yesterday, and as we drove up we saw five military helicopters circling the track. I thought maybe the boys at Fort Knox wanted to catch a glimpse of Paris Hilton, but it turns out they were responding to incoming missiles from the Lunsford and Fischer campaigns.

Lunsford, we learn, has engaged in pay for play journalism -- he actually paid to be interviewed on television. Beyond lowering himself to the standard of a shopping channel infomercial, the Lunsford campaign admits that it violated the law by failing to properly disclose the payola.

Meanwhile, the Fischer campaign's legal violations have grown too numerous to list. And Lunsford has accused Fischer of sliminess for his TV ad in which an old actress plays an old Vencor victim, or an old victim plays an actress or whatever. This caused Andrew Horne to fire back at Fischer on behalf of his new buddy, Bruce, for not playing nice on the Democratic playground and saying the V word.

All this sniping contrasts nicely with the new McConnell ad, which is perfect for Mother's Day.

May 20 is approaching too quickly. On the subject of primaries, I just received a robo call from Chris Theineman's brother, who reminded me that he had founded the Mint Jubilee. My heart soared when I thought said brother was going to offer me tickets to Earth, Wind & Fire, then sank when I realized he just wants me to vote for Chris in the primary. That will never happen; Chris was superb at defeating the library tax, but he has revealed himself since to be a flake of the first order. My Northup yard sign is forthcoming.

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