Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Obama's Second Coming to the 'Ville

Barack Obama returned to Kentucky for the second time since August, this time to a crowd of thousands that included the requisite fainting damsels. I was not there, but Jake has a round-up of Demo-blog hysteria.

I watched WHAS 11's coverage at 11:00 and was fascinated by the lack of substance. They started with Renee Murphy, confirming that, yes, Obama really is like a "rock star."

Then they showed the tender side of the Great One caring for his people as they swooned in ecstasy: Obama threw out bottles of water. (Close up of friends of fainting women: some ducked, while others dove for the bottle like they were bridesmaids going after the bouquet.)

Next he made the sea of people part for the EMTs. Just in case the Holy Water didn't revive the stricken, Obama asked if anyone had fruit juice in their back packs for the fainters.

The moment seemed to symbolize Obama's health care policy. He'll tend to the sick and unprepared by raiding the purses of others.


Jake said...

With the exception of your last paragraph, this is hilarious and spot-on.

Every media outlet in town was hung up on the fainting damsel bit. But in fairness, I guess, we should note that it was almost impossible not to faint because people were packed into that giant room so tightly.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't feel faint when i see Obama. I feel nauseous...