Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beshear Hunting Joke Goes Viral

It's bad enough that the liberal media attributes Obama's weak poll numbers in Kentucky solely to racism -- as opposed to his lack of experience and far-left views being rejected by a moderately conservative state.

Timing is everything, and Governor Steve Beshear has made Kentuckians look like a bunch of yahoos at a time when we really didn't need the bad press. It's well known within the state that Beshear broke the bounds of tastelessness with his "joke" at the Kentucky Democratic Party fundraiser. As Hebert, Gerth and BGRS reported,

Beshear joked "I can think of only one Republican who can be a problem-solver," Beshear told the crowd. "And that would be Vice President (Dick) Cheney, if he will just take George on a hunting trip."

Now, unfortunately, the story has gone national via Michelle Malkin. Perhaps Beshear will elaborate when he addresses the NRA convention on Friday. More likely, he'll go on the Tonight Show and demonstrate to Jay Leno that Kentucky may have a new governor, but the lights are still out in the governor's mansion.

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Jefferson said...

that should have been my link on malkin's site. if you click on "jim hoft" in her piece, you go to gatewaypundit, who got the story from me.

don't really care about the credit that much, but it's good to know that the work we're doing here is mattering somewhat.