Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama Picks Up a Cross -- Just for Kentucky!

Instapundit is reporting that an Obama brochure for Kentucky's primary features Obama standing next to a life-size cross. Obama manages to combine Mike Huckabee's pandering to evangelical voters with none of the subtlety of the subliminal cross Huckabee supposedly used in his TV ads. No, Obama's cross is big, bold and brassy.

Obama's brochure states that after graduating from college, Obama became a community organizer on the Southside of Chicago. And then,

Obama forged a profound connection with the people of these communities. At their encouragement, he visited a local church one Sunday. That day Obama felt a beckoning of the spirit and accepted Jesus Christ into his life.

Wow! He became "born again" after just one Sunday. This is the fastest conversion experience since the Lord blinded St. Paul on the Road to Damascus.

The brocure doesn't identify the church, but it is in the same locale as the Rev. Wright's church.

Obama has even changed his mantra on the brochure from "Hope and Change" to "Faith. Hope. Change." (Emphasis added.) If that sounds familiar, it's because St. Paul wrote something like it in his first letter to the Corinthians --only the epistle does not say"change." Rather, the Corinthian verse is "faith, hope and love abide, these three, and the greatest of these is love." Only Obama would have the gall to edit Paul.

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