Friday, May 16, 2008

Another View Of The NRA Convention

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon today with 3000 of my fellow bitter brothers and sisters at the NRA Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum. We cling to guns and God, but today it was mostly guns. We weren't allowed to pack our guns into the auditorium, but that was OK. Heard speeches from several NRA officers, Karl Rove, Ollie North, Mike Huckabee, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Bolton, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain. Pretty amazing group to have in one place!

Probably the two most inspirational speeches were from two warriors, Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL, and Sgt. Greg Stube, U.S. Special Forces. Both had survived brutal fighting and grave injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively. These two men have more courage, conviction and honor in their little fingers than a ballroom full of Chardonnay sipping Obama supporters.

I listened to speeches for five straight hours and could have easily listened for five more. The right for law abiding citizens to bear arms is so fundamental that it is an abomination (Obomanation?) that it is even an issue in this country. Thank God (there I go, clinging again) for the NRA and its diligence and fortitude in protecting this right. Like the late, great Charlton Heston said: "You can have my gun when you pry my cold, dead fingers from it!"

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