Monday, February 25, 2008

Andrew Moveon.Horne Retreats Back To Vote Vets

Having laid down his rifle in the Kentucky Senate race, the Paradoxical Colonel has apparently resumed "carrying the water," as he might put it, for Vote Vets. The Park Avenue group's web site reports "Lt. Col. Andrew Horne, USMC (ret.)" as back on its roster of "Senior Advisers", after having deserted the post during his short-lived candidacy.

The retreating troops apparently are attempting to regroup and stage a last stand that would make General Custer proud. MSNBC reports that Vote Vets is "part of a larger effort by a consortium of liberal groups, joined today in a conference call with reporters by John and Elizabeth Edwards, against not just McCain but also targeted Republicans."

And guess who one of those targeted Republicans is? Of course, it is the Senator against whom Horne was "not afraid to lose." As the head of -- the commander-in-chief of Vote Vets -- disclosed:

The group’s "top-tier" targets . . . are four senators -- Maine’s Susan Collins, New Hampshire John Sununu, Minnesota’s Norm Coleman, and Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell.

Funny, given that Vote Vets claims to be "non-partisan", there's not a single Democrat in the group.

John Solz, the president of Vote Vets, "gave a preview of what the group’s tactics against McCain will be in the fall":

We’re going to continue to target Sen. McCain between now and the election,” Soltz said, adding. “We’re not going to disparage his service…. He served with honor, but when it comes to his policy on Iraq, he is no different than George W. Bush.”

So does that mean the verminous veterans will now accuse of McCain "aiding the enemy" and being a "coward" and "chickenhawk"? Those are, after all, Vote Vets' favorite rants against people who do not agree with their cut and run strategy in Iraq.

When it comes to the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, Horne knows a little something about cutting and running. Now we know the DemoBlogs take the position that Horne is the victim of a vast Left-Wing conspiracy to force him out from the race. Chuck Schumer, however, takes no prisoners.

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Jake said...

Left-wing conspiracy?

It's hardly conspiracy. It's out in the open. I've published proof.