Saturday, February 16, 2008

That's Gotta Hurt

Bruce Lunsford just got a new nickname from Demo-blog Blue Grass Roots, and it is way harsher than anything Mitch McConnell ever would have said.

Here in KY, they’ve just rigged the system to nominate a slimy, DINO, government defrauding, nursing home slumlord with no chance of beating Mitch McConnell in an election this November. (Emphasis added.)

And here's the Demo-blog's prediction for the election:

Bruce is going to lose a lot of money and get embarrassed, shattered like the bones of an old woman in a Vencor nursing home.

Blue Grass Roots is unhinged about Andrew Horne's decision to drop out of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate; the Demo-blogs blame Horne's withdrawal on a combination of pressure from Senator Chuck Schumer (who heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee), Gov. Steve Beshear and the Kentucky Democratic Party.

The rant is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a "progressive." But it is really, really long. So here are a few choice excerpts.

It does the progressive movement in KY NO GOOD to sugarcoat the situation and live in a positive fantasy world. . . . What I refuse to do is give people false hope. (sorry Barack, there is such a thing). And telling people that Bruce Lunsford can beat Mitch McConnell in a November election, in my opinion, would be doing just that. People’s time and money are quite valuable, and telling people that Lunsford has a chance, in my opinion, would be irresponsible on my part.

. . .

Steve Beshear has made a conscious decision not to challenge Mitch McConnell this Fall. Beshear’s first intent is to please his big $$$ donors who put him into office, . . . And how about the silent, spineless politicians who knew that Horne was our best chance to take out McConnell? Crit knew it (after she passed). Chandler knew it. Yarmuth knew it. But they refused to step up to the plate, letting this travesty come to pass.

. . .

I can’t help but think of Chicago in 1968 this week, on a much, much smaller scale. It’s like Chuck Schumer is Hubert Humphrey, and Steve Beshear is Mayor Daley. And Beshear has called in all of the KDP hacks and money men to come in and bash the KY progressives over the head with their nightsticks like the Chicago police.

But no, this isn’t over. No way. We’re not going to withdraw into our caves with Quaaludes like those damned dirty hippies did in the 70’s. Caffeine will be our drug. Organizing will be our obsession. Our corrupt and incompetent leadership will be our enemy, until WE are that leadership.

So there you have it: the view from the left.

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jefferson poole said...

I don't think BGR's self-righteous temper tantrum will affect Lunsford at all.

He doesn't care what those crazies think.

Same for Schumer.

I don't think Francene is rushing to talk about this leadership issue in the Democratic Party, though, is she?