Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Republicans Do The Right Thing; Democrats Do Not

When one considers Super Tuesday's results in light of the latest poll numbers for head-to-head match-ups of potential Republican nominees versus Democratic nominees, it appears that (at least judging by ability to win in November) Republicans are voting like smart individuals and Democrats are voting like, well, Democrats.

Setting aside discussion of the substantive positions of the respective candidates, an objective observer would say based on current polling that (1) of the three remaining major candidates on the Republican side, Sen. John McCain has the best chance of beating a Democrat in the general election; and (2) of the two remaining major Democratic candidates, Sen. Hillary Clinton has the least chance of beating the Republican nominee.

So, if the goal for each party is to increase the probability of its nominating a candidate who, based on poll numbers, has the best chance of winning the White House, then the Republicans did the right thing yesterday and the Democrats did not.

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