Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Leadership" That Frankfort Doesn't Need

Today's lead editorial in the Courier-Journal, entitled "Flash of leadership", weighs in on the Democrats' casino amendment maneuvering in predictable fashion. Not surprisingly, the C-J's editorial says nothing critical of the "pay to play" politics behind Governor Beshear's gambling agenda. In fact, the editorial notes that "[o]f course, the ractracks, gambling corporations, horse breeders and owners were also bound to enter the fray."

Nor is it suprising that the C-J praises the heavy-handed tactics of House Speaker Jody Richards, who canned his Democratic colleague Rep. Dottie Sims from the House committee considering various casino amendments, "to make room for two others whose votes he could count on."

The C-J pooh-poohs Sims' remark that Richards acted like a "communist" for dismissing Sims because she did not vote his way. Instead, the C-J calls it "democracy in action" for Richards to stack the committee with yes-men.

But aren't Richards' actions exactly the kind of legislative shenanigans in which communists engage? How else was Raul Castro elected President of Cuba unanimously last week? By making every member of the Cuban National Assembly that elected him toe the party line -- the same message Richards apparently is trying to send in Frankfort these days.

What the C-J calls a "Flash of leadership" looks more like a straight flush of something else.

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