Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ditch Mitch Goes Global

Ditch Mitch has conceded that it is facing an "uphill battle" to defeat Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. It is simply too big a task for this fringe of the "progressive movement" in Kentucky.

So it is has sent out an international distress signal. Specifically, the Demo-bloggers have launched a "Global McConnellism Awareness Initiative (GMAI)":

Towards that end, we have gone about recruiting and enlisting a small army of young and emerging scholars from around the world. They come from China, France, Germany, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, India, and Russia. They are all accomplished, highly educated, and well-connected.

Wow! That sounds even scarier than the Trilateral Commission. This is the danger of buying your kid a Eurail pass.

Who knew Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- who has his own blog -- is a Ditch Mitch fan?

Here's the plan:

The first phase we’ll be launching will center on inserting McConnell and themes of McConnellism into the comments of high-traffic blogs and websites across the globe and all that conversation will take place in the vernacular.

So the net result will be that left-wing loons will now curse McConnell in a variety of foreign tongues -- sort of like the "Welcome" sign at Standiford "International" Airport. With any luck, Ditch Mitch may qualify for a United Nations grant.

Too bad for the Ditch-Mitch folks that their "young and emerging scholars" are not Kentucky voters. We may give the vote to ex-felons, but we are not giving it to the Chinese, French and Iranians -- at least until the dawn of the one-world government.

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