Friday, February 1, 2008

Media Bias at the Lexington Herald-Leader (No!!)

Headlines reveal so much more than the news. Take this one from the Lexington Herald-Leader: "Aide: State will be reimbursed." Then note the subheading: "BESHEAR USED STATE PLANE TO ATTEND POLITICAL RALLIES."

Now imagine that we were still under a Fletcher administration. There is absolutely no way that the first headline would have mentioned that the state will be reimbursed -- thereby preventing a potential scandal from blowing up. At the very least, the sub-heading -- listing the impropriety -- would have been the main headline. In fact, what the Herald-Leader used for a headline here probably would have appeared as the last sentence, requiring the reader to jump from A-1 to D-37.

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Jake said...

Uh, the H-L is the only paper in the state to bother taking Beshear to task in the least.