Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney's Out

Mitt Romney is reportedly going to suspend his campaign, for the good of the party. Two days ago, WHAS 11 had trouble finding anyone who would admit to being a McCain supporter. Now we're all McCain supporters.

We've just lost the only candidate who is even close to being a conservative. What a sad state of affairs when a candidate can't win because he is too handsome, too articulate, too successful, too decent and too rich. It seems that the politically correct movement to bolster our self-esteem didn't work.

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Steve Manning said...

o one in Lexington was more supportive of conservatives Fred Thompson and Mitt Romeny than me.
That being said we must,begrudgingly, unite behind McCain.

A third party "conservative candidate" will only divide the GOP and ensure a victory by Hillary or Obama.

It would be devastating for America if either of these liberal socialists were to win. What we should do now is to start a third party of conservatives now that will be able to mount a serious challenge in 2012 to the iron grip of the two establishment parties!