Thursday, February 7, 2008

McConnell Wins on Stimulus Package

The Senate Democrats have folded -- again. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has out-maneuvered Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid to pass the stimulus package that the House previously had passed with bipartisan support. That means that Americans will get the help they need without all the goodies for illegal aliens and the like that the Senate Democrats had tried to add.

Nor can McConnell be blamed for "obstructing" anything. After all, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed McConnell's approach to the stimulus package, which would add rebates for disabled veterans, widows and the elderly, but not illegal immigrants. Pelosi, however, was silent on all the add-ons that Reid proposed. Notwithstanding Reid's attempt to play Santa, bipartisan cooperation prevailed as a direct result of McConnell's and Pelosi's leadership, and now Americans can get their rebate checks in a timely manner.

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