Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lunsford the Carpetbagger?

U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford just bought a two million dollar home on a golf course, and it wasn't Valhalla. Page One reports that Lunsford's new crib is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There hasn't been much activity from the Lunsford campaign, and perhaps this explains why. Given that Senator John McCain has now effectively secured the Republican nomination for president, there is a possibility -- if McCain wins -- that Arizona may need a new senator.

Granted, it's a slim possiblity. But even slimmer are the odds that Lunsford will beat Mitch McConnell. If Kentucky won't elect Lunsford as its senator, maybe he'll have better luck in Arizona.

It appears that Arizona only requires its federal candidate to be an "Inhabitant of Arizona when elected."

Speculating on a possible successor to McCain, the Phoenix Business Journal reported that there are "a number of deep-pocketed business executives who might be recruited for the short election campaign in which personal wealth would be an advantage." That could describe Lunsford. And it sounds like the invisible hand of DSCC head Chuck Schumer.

Now we wait and see if Lunsford buys any real estate in Illinois.

Update: Lunsford already owns property in Chicago, Illinois, and used that address to buy the Arizona home. Moreover, as Kentucky Politics points out, Lunsford's residency in Kentucky -- a requirement of his candidacy -- is now open to question.

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