Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reid Flips His "Obstructionist" Theme

Democrats are flummoxed by yesterday's vote by Republicans to proceed with debate on Senator Feingold's amendment to cut and run from Iraq. That is clear from the statements of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, as reported by the Christian Science Monitor:

Democratic leaders had planned to use this week's floor time to debate high-profile legislation on relief for Americans facing home foreclosures. "It is obvious to me what the game plan is: They want us to slow the Senate down from getting things done," Senator Reid said, after the 70-to-24 vote to take up the Iraq bill. "It is very clear that they are going to do everything they can to stop us from getting to the housing legislation, which the American people badly need."

So to try and salvage what is likely to be another resounding legislative defeat for far-left Democrats on Iraq, Reid audaciously flips their "obstructionism" theme. Earlier they had complained that Republicans are hurting the American people by preventing the Senate from voting on proposed Democratic legislation. Now, they complain that Republicans are hurting the American people by allowing the Senate to vote on proposed Democratic legislation. Call it the "d**mned if they do, d**mned if they don't" election-year strategy.

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