Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CBS Debunks Hillary's Bosnia Tale

Of all the networks to accuse Hillary Clinton of making stuff up, CBS -- the "Clinton Broadcast Service" -- is the least likely. Yet it was CBS that pointed out that Clinton's tale of risking her neck to go to Bosnia -- under supposed sniper fire -- deviated far from reality.

CBS was able to impeach Clinton's account with actual videotape that the network shot when it accompanied the former First Lady to Bosnia (linked by Drudge). No snipers; just charming children.

Clinton's campaign is attempting to spin the Bosnia story as a simple mistake -- a lapse of memory that stems from Clinton visiting 80 foreign countries as First Lady.

Having made her experience an issue, and having boasted about her bravery in visiting combat zones, this exaggeration reminds the public that when it comes to factual accuracy, the Clintons are rely on a fuzzy truthiness that cannot survive the scrutiny of a YouTube election.


Arun said...

The real question that will haunt the Clinton campaign until the nomination is over, is if the voters will have any faith in whatever she says or said.

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

To my grave disappointment, Hillary and her disbarred hubby have been lying with less and less style as their campaign slips into panic.

I once wrote :

In my lifetime I've had the privilege of watching Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and Michael Jordan play basketball, Wayne Gretzky play hockey, Muhammed Ali box, Tom Seaver pitch, Tiger Woods golf.

And I've heard the Clintons lie.

Greatness comes in many forms.

I guess, like aging boxers who stay in the ring after their skills are gone, the Clintons are sliding into pugsville.

It's so sad.