Sunday, March 9, 2008

Surely We Can Agree On These Things

You know bipartisanship has broken down in Frankfort when Democrats won't even agree with Republicans that the Corvette is Kentucky's favorite sports car, given that it is the only sports car manufactured in Commonwealth. As the Associated Press reports:

[W]hen state Rep. C.B. Embry Jr. introduced legislation two months ago to make the Kentucky-made Corvette the official state sports car, he expected it to speed through the General Assembly.

Instead, Embry's proposal has been stalled in a committee, badly in need of a jump-start. Embry, a Republican in the Democratic-controlled House, said the measure is languishing with a number of other bills being ignored by legislative leaders who say they're working on more pressing issues.

And it is not just the Corvette that has been slighted by Democratic obstructionism. According to AP, "[t]he Corvette legislation is among a group of 'feel-good bills' that state Rep. Mike Cherry, D-Princeton, chairman of the House Committee on State Government, says he doesn't plan to try to advance." These include proposals to "make cornhole the official state game, burgoo the official state dish, and Kentucky Fried Chicken the state's official picnic food."

Come on Democrats, can't we agree at least on Corvettes, cornhole, burgoo and KFC? Humor us Republicans. Surely something should be enacted to show for this legislative session other than the all-time Democratic favorite of raising our taxes.

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