Monday, March 3, 2008

National Dems Tell Fischer to Play Nice

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's spokesman, Matt Miller, warned Greg Fischer to stop attacking other Democratic candidates, such as Bruce Lunsford.

Fischer's campaign confirmed remarks that Fischer made Saturday at the Kentucky Democratic State Central Executive Committee in Frankfort, as reported on

Fischer took a shot at Senator Chuck Schumer and the DSCC for interfering in the Kentucky primary for U.S. Senate --interference on behalf of Lunsford, that is. Suffice to say that in the unlikely event that Fischer is elected, he will not be known as one of the Senate's best orators:

"Because there’s powers in Washington D.C. - you know, led by Chuck Schumer, and you all are hearing this just as well as I am – that he’s trying to manipulate this election in Kentucky.”

Then Fischer attacked Lunsford, stating at least three times that the Democrats should nominate someone with a "clean record."

“It’s clear to anyone who follows politics in the state Kentucky that the Senator from New York and his folks are trying to force upon the voters of Kentucky a failed candidate who has more baggage than Samsonite. We need a fresh candidate with a clean record who offers bold ideas and new solutions.”

"More baggage than Samsonite" -- this is Fischer, the bored rich guy who wants to be Senator, attempting to sound like a man of the people by pretending that he uses Samsonite instead of Louis Vuitton or whatever.

His point that Lunsford has a dirty record, however, is correct. Indeed it's starting to look like Lunsford engaged in some legal gymnastics to buy his two million dollar Phoenix mansion by using his Chicago address -- and now substituting his Kentucky address. The poor rich guy has so many properties he doesn't know where he lives.

Since he has the property in Illinois and Arizona, Lunsford might as well try to run for either John McCain's or Barack Obama's Senate seat. Then maybe he could dupe voters who have not heard the name Vencor. If elected, Lunsford could contribute a unique perspective on the housing market, given all that he has done to stimulate it.

Update: Lunsford's loan documents contain a rider that allows him to use the Phoenix mansion as a second home.

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Jake said...

Isn't it funny how the national dems snipe back when anyone calls them on their crap?