Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Victims That Will Go Unnamed reports that Louisville will be one of a group of cities where Iraq war protesters plan to demonstrate today:

To mark this fifth anniversary of the invasion, hundreds of marches, sit-ins and other protests are planned around the country. In Washington, D.C., demonstrators plan to block the entrance to the Internal Revenue Service and to disrupt the offices of K Street lobbyists who represent military contractors and oil companies profiting from the war. In New York, protesters from the Granny Peace Brigade will hold a “knit-in” at the Times Square military recruitment center. In Chicago, a large rally and protest march is planned, while in Louisville, Kentucky, protesters will read aloud the names of some of the US troops killed in the war. And college students from New Jersey to North Dakota are planning walkouts across their campuses.

(emphasis added).

Don't count on the Louisville protesters reading any of the names of the 600,000 civilians and 500,000 soldiers who were Saddam Hussein's death victims before the U.S. military liberated Iraq. It would take too long to read all of those names, and besides, these protesters can't get too worked up about saving Iraqi lives. As a politician might say, that would be "off message".

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Bridget M. Bush said...

I'm so glad they have good protesting weather.