Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spitzer Cheated On His Call-Girl

Former Governor Elliot Spitzer was a regular customer of more than the Emperors [sic] Club VIP for his call girls; he "patronized Wicked Models, the Manhattan-based operation taken down Tuesday," according to the New York Post. (H/T:

The head of Wicked Models is Kristen "Billie" Davis, who made two million dollars last year pimping out prostitutes for $1,000 an hour. That's cheap compared to the $5,500 per hour that clients paid for some of the Emperors Club women.

The Post reports that Davis "'personally interfaced with Spitzer a number of times" since 2003 before she became a madam,'" according to a source close to Davis. (Interface? Is that the verb they're teaching in Health?)

Davis' client list allegedly includes 10,000 names.

Given that Davis has now been indicted for money laundering and promoting prostitution -- and faces the prospect of 15 years in jail -- we can expect to hear more about those 10,000 names. In an election year, no less. Men, the attorney-client, doctor-patient, pastor-penitent privileges do not apply; there is no hooker-John privilege.


Jake said...

Bridget-- I'll split the proceeds 50/50 if you wanna start an "escort" service with me.

You KNOW we'll run a classy, bi-partisan joint.

Bridget M. Bush said...

I'm sure that would make more money than my ad revenue.

Jake said...

Are you kidding? We could retire after a few months.

Though, we'd have to have a four-hour minimum at $5,500 per hour. We could "finish" our "dates" within the first few minutes, make the person we're "escorting" feel horribly guilty about using an "escort" so they'd leave early, giving us all kinds of free time to go on other "dates"...

I hope that's not considered gaming the system or whatever.