Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A "Celebration" Kentucky Can Do Without

We haven't heard much from Kentucky Democrats regarding the upcoming bicentennial of perhaps the most infamous member of their party born in our Commonwealth. The News-Enterprise reminds us:

While the bicentennial birthday buzz this year is about Abraham Lincoln, rival and fellow Kentuckian Jefferson Davis also has a 200th birthday coming up.

Plans are under way to recognize his June birthday — which, unlike Abe’s, really is the bicentennial this year.Davis, who as president of the Confederacy opposed Lincoln in the Civil War, was born June 3 in Christian County near Hopkinsville. Abe was born 199 years ago in what was then Hardin County.

Tim Bowman, a local historian and commander of the Gen. Ben Hardin Helm Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, laments: "I really feel it’s a shame that the state of Kentucky isn’t doing more for Davis.”

I'd say Kentucky is doing more than enough to "honor" the traitor. The only money that should be spent on the "celebration" should be for the movers to cart his statue from the state capitol rotunda to the dumpster.

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