Friday, March 14, 2008

Louisville School Goes On Lockdown

A private school in Louisville is on lock down after reports of a stranger entering the school. The school is located at 5400 Minor's Lane; Evangel Creative Learning Center, lists that same address.

Other schools in metro Louisville have raised their security level to be on the safe side until more information is forthcoming.

Sorry for the late update: This appears to have been a false alarm on the part of the school, thankfully. We've seen enough school shootings in recent years that schools react with an abundance of caution. Perhaps it is no longer possible for a school to over-react to the sighting of a stranger in its midst.


Jake said...

Any word on what happened?

Haven't been able to stay awake long enough today to find out.

Bridget M. Bush said...

My apologies for leaving this hanging thread -- I had to go out of town.