Thursday, March 20, 2008

Osama Steals The Show

The weatherman should have predicted it: Osama bin Laden rained on the minuscule "Let's surrender to al Qaeda in Iraq" parades in Louisville and other cities yesterday. Even the left-leaning Guardian acknowledges that "[t]here were small protests in Washington yesterday but a promised mass demonstration failed to materialise." In Louisville, only "about 30 fellow anti-war demonstrators" showed up, reports the Courier-Journal.

Osama has this annoying habit of sticking his foot in anti-war protesters' mouths. As the Washington Post explains:

In a new audiotape released Wednesday, Osama bin Laden warned Europeans that they will face a "severe reckoning" for repeatedly publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in newspapers and magazines.

The five-minute speech was the second time in four months that bin Laden has delivered threats to European countries. He made only one oblique reference to President Bush -- calling him "your aggressive ally . . . who is about to depart the White House" -- and instead addressed his remarks to "the intelligent ones in the European Union."

The al-Qaeda leader criticized European countries for joining in military campaigns in Muslim lands. Although he lamented those actions, he suggested that the Muhammad cartoons were even more immoral and that retaliation was coming.

Thanks for reminding us, Osama, that cutting and running from Iraq won't solve our problems with al Qaeda. Indeed, even the "intelligent" Europeans who have withdrawn troops from Iraq -- to use Osama's terminology -- still face al Qaeda's wrath because they have the audacity to support freedom of speech. Osama reminds us all of how naive the anti-war protesters and politicians such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are for believing that Americans can talk their way to peace with people who want to cut off our heads.

Osama really should keep his mouth shut so that the anti-war demonstrators can do their job. As President Bush noted yesterday:

"For the terrorists, Iraq was supposed to be the place where al-Qaida rallied Arab masses to drive America out. Instead, Iraq has become the place where Arabs joined with Americans to drive al-Qaida out. In Iraq, we are witnessing the first large-scale Arab uprising against Osama bin Laden ... And the significance of this development cannot be overstated."

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Speaking of Osama, Obama and Hillary, check out the new bumper sticker offers for sale: "Defeat Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Mama."

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