Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fuzzy Filibuster Math

Democratic charges that Republicans "obstruct" progress on legislation use the sort of math that wouldn't pass muster under No Child Left Behind.

For example, the Democrats count 37 votes on cloture -- the procedure to end debate -- as a filibuster when it is just the opposite. And according to the Senatorial Committee, they count unanimous cloture votes as Republican filibusters, even though such votes are bipartisan. So much for the spirit of unity.

Even more bizarre, Democrats count Democratic filibusters as Republican filibusters. Who knew that Alice in Wonderland was the new Democratic whip?

If Democrats are so troubled about cloture motions, then they should really speak to Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid; his party has filed for cloture 80 times. That's a record. Congratulations, Harry, by your own definition, your Democratic majority is the most "obstructionist" majority in history.

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