Saturday, March 29, 2008

Enviro-Do-Gooders Can't Hold A Candle To NCAA Basketball

I thought my kids had been messing with the computer, but now I know who the real culprit is for that annoying black screen when I open up the Google home page. According to the Associated Press, "Internet search engine Google lent its support to Earth Hour by blackening its normally white home page and challenging visitors: 'We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn.'" And not only that:

From Rome's Colosseum to the Sydney Opera House, floodlit icons of civilization went dark Saturday for Earth Hour, a worldwide campaign to highlight the threat of climate change.

The environmental group WWF urged governments, businesses and households to turn back to candle power for at least 60 minutes starting at 8 p.m. wherever they were.

Plllease! This is the most ridiculous "energy conservation" measure since President Jimmy Carter told us not to use any Christmas lights in the 1970s.

Sorry, but I will be watching the NCAA basketball tournament at 8 p.m. "Saving" the world from "climate change" will just have to wait until we go to bed victorious after the U of L - North Carolina game.

Update: Elephants in the Bluegrass will retain its "green" background for the duration of the blackout.

Update No. 2: Go Cards!

Update No. 3: The Tar Heels delivered the blackout of the Cards' season -- for both men and women. Oh well. It was a great season nonetheless. Thanks, Cardinals, and good luck to North Carolina for the remainder of the respective tournaments.

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