Monday, March 10, 2008

Couch's Internet Bill Gets National Attention

Tim Couch's bill to fine anonymous internet comments has thrown Kentucky into the national spotlight, on a blog called Hotair. I haven't been so embarassed since Governor Fletcher nearly crashed his plane into the U.S. Capitol.

Hotair's article on Couch's bill reiterates the points we made earlier about the bill's blatant unconstitutionality.

More interesting are the comments (147 at last count). One person said the bill hearkened back to the Janet Reno Justice Department, and explained how normal libertarians became Ron Paul supporters. A number of comments noted that Couch is a Republican; this made some gleeful and others ashamed.

The majority of those who commented said that they would no longer post on blogs if required to give their name. Some said they feared retribution at work. Judging by the pen names -- which ranged from the sophomoric to the hilarious -- I'd bet that most simply enjoy using their noms de guerres.

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Cyberhillbilly said...

How does something like that get through the LRC? I mean aren't those guys the staffers for these pols? Aren't they political junkies who, you know, read the national papers and blogs and stuff and would catch something like that?

I recognize that our legislators are citizen legislators and sometimes don't follow all the nuances- yes, I'm bending over backwards here b/c I like Tim Couch- but you'd expect that someone would have whispered to him: "Pssst... Tim, this one might get ya Gooched."

And speaking of Gooch, why on earth didn't someone tell him that he was setting himself up for total PR failure?