Monday, March 10, 2008

Elephants Gone Wild

A shocking report just received from overseas:

Security forces armed with loud hailers were deployed in eastern Sri Lanka Monday to drive away wild elephants blocking access to polling booths, police said.

Villagers in Wellaveli told the authorities that they were unable to vote at the first local elections in 14 years because a herd of elephants had blocked their polling booth, a police official in the area said.

"We sent a team of commandos in armoured personnel carriers and loud hailers and sirens to drive away the elephants," the official said. "The roads have now been cleared."

Surely those weren't elephants disrupting the democratic process. They must have been RINOs.

Update: The Washington Post confirms that the Sri Lankan elephants' obstruction of voting is "not a massive right-wing conspiracy."

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Cyberhillbilly said...

I'm not creative enough to make it, but there must be a good joke in this about how we'd handle this sort of thing in KY, where the booze flys freely on election day. Wonder how much an Elephant has to drink to get liquored up?