Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Antidote For Anti-Palin Spam

If your inbox, like mine, is overflowing with emails from Democratic friends who are trying to rescue you from your delight in Gov. Sarah Palin's nomination, you can get the truth on many of the internet rumors from Newsweek, of all places.

Newsweek debunks the rumor -- spread by CNN -- that as Governor of Alaska, Palin cut state funding for special needs students by 62 percent. That's not only false, Palin actually tripled special needs funding in three years, a move that educators called "historic."

Nor did Palin push for Alaska to secede from the Union, endorse Pat Buchanan or insist that schools teach Creationism.

The worries on the left that Palin favors lower taxes, a strong national defense and the sanctity of life, however -- those are true. You go girl!

Update: Juan Cole has a piece at Salon that includes many of the internet falsities, such as that Palin banned Harry Potter from the Wasilla library (when in fact, it wasn't even written at the time of the supposed incident.) His article is entitled "What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick."

Now what was all that about bashing Obama by reminding people that his middle name (like that of his African half-brother) is Hussein? Unlike the rumors about Palin, the Obama boys really are named Hussein. That's what is known as a fact.

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Jean said...

So any truth to the rumor that she slashed funding for pregnant teens? Or was for the road to nowhere before she was against it?