Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin's Back In Alaska For ABC News Interview And Her Son's Deployment Ceremony

Gov. Sarah Palin arrived in Alaska yesterday to throngs of cheering supporters. Her message to the greeters, as reported by, was one of energy independence geared to the home crowd:

Palin tried to deliver the stump speech that rolled off her tongue earlier that day in Virginia but kept interrupting herself with references to home.

In the middle of a line about her accomplishments as governor, she turned to staff members standing behind her on stage and said "I can't wait to give you guys a hug and thank you for holding down the fort and carrying the water."

She told of how excited people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Missouri were to hear about a new natural gas pipeline which will eventually link Alaska to the lower 48 states.
"Everywhere we go they are chanting drill, baby, drill," Palin said.

"People all over the country, they're hearing about it and they're saying, thank you Alaska for allowing safe, responsibility development of your resources to help secure our state, provide jobs here, but also for the betterment of our entire nation," Palin told the cheering crowd.

"Our state will have brought Americans one step closer to energy independence. That's one step closer to an America free from foreign suppliers that do not have our interests at heart."
The she interrupted herself again, saying "I feel like I'm preaching to the choir because you guys already know this."

Later today Palin will speak at her son Track's military deployment ceremony, and this evening, ABC News will broadcast the first installment of Charles Gibson's interview of her. ABC reports that Gibson is set to interview Palin beginning this afternoon.

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