Monday, September 8, 2008

Check Out This NRSC Ad

Democrats like to whine about the Patriot Act and FISA and how George Bush is turning us into a police state. But watch how Bruce Lunsford's supporters demonstrate their respect for the first amendment when someone tries to film them from a public sidewalk.

In addition to the disdain for civil liberties, the ad makes clear the kind of people to whom Lunsford looks for "support." And judging by the type of people in the ad, Lunsford is scraping bottom for his "supporters."

Note the coarseness of the language and the sharp elbows, even by the "trial lawyer." So much for civility among members of the bar.

This gives us a glimpse of what a "card check" election will look like if union bosses succeed in getting rid of the private ballot for workers who are voting on whether to unionize. The union boss in the video -- Kentucky AFL-CIO president Bill Londrigan -- has criticized McConnell for opposing legislation to get rid of private ballots for workers. Guys like Londrigan, under the Democrats' proposed legislation, would be allowed to show up at workers' homes -- night or day -- to "discuss" whether they want to check the union box on the card. It would be an offer that no worker could refuse.

Given that Lunsford is self-financing the bulk of his campaign, as he did with the last two he lost, why associate with these characters? Surely Lunsford's mother, back on the farm, told him he'd be judged by the company he keeps.

Perhaps he's planning for What Next -- what comes after he loses his third state-wide election; what comes after he needs a "new business model " to replace the last new business model that replaced Vencor. Lunsford could open a bar! He has the bouncer. And in a pinch, the "trial lawyer" makes a pretty mean bouncer, as well.

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